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Couples Massage

"Massage is Life" provides a soothing and comfortable atmosphere, distinct from a typical spa setting.


Couples massages are exclusively for couples 18 and over. Massage services are scheduled alternately rather than simultaneously. When one individual is receiving their massage service, the other can unwind in the tranquility room, complete with soothing music, a reclining chair, ambient lighting, and other amenities. Each individual will receive a 60-minute Swedish massage.


Kindly be advised that robes and slippers will NOT be provided.


Prepayment is required when booking (non-refundable). If you wish to pay gratuity you may do so at office. 


If one person is unable to attend, the couples massage will be canceled in its entirety.

Please refrain from scheduling any appointments before April 1st, as Tranquility Space is currently undergoing repainting and enhancements. Should an appointment be made before this date, the client will be requested to reschedule, with no refunds provided. You are able to make bookings at this time for dates April 1st and onward.

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