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Thank you for being a part of this event and I am excited to work with you!

The event is just 3 weeks away and I wanted to touch basis with you all!!!

Day of Event:

  • Setup time is 11:00 AM (Please be setup by start time)

  • When arriving you may unload at the first garage door that opens up directly to the indoor field.

  • Once unloaded I ask that you park your vehicles in the Old K-Mart, Kohl's or far lot on the side of the outdoor fields.

  • I ask that you remain setup the duration on the event/breakdown will begin at 7 (With the exception of Lugia's Ice cream 

  • Bring a portable charger. With it being a indoor field its not many outlets

    • I placed those that absolutely need an outlet to operate near the outlets.​

      • Unforgettable images 716​

      • The Beauty Bar

      • Uplift Nutrition

    • Guest Wi-Fi is Available for Vendors

    • You must provide your own table and if you were added on late or a community resource and you must provide your own chairs as well

    • Most indoor spaces are 8x8 some are larger due to type of business or setup requirement

  • Outdoor Vendors 

    • There will be markers outside for your setup location​

  • Fitness instructors

    • Please remember you must supply your own music/stereo. (Family friendly environment please avoid music with foul language.​

    • The DJ will be outside and music will not interfere with yours.

If you don't know there is a digital billboard on Main St. @ Summer & Best that displays during peak hours 5pm-7pm Monday|Wednesday|Friday ONLY until 8/19 (if you want to see it I recommend going at the top of each hour during the time period.)

I'll Include pictures at the bottom on this page of how they will display.

Is this your first time vending?

  • I recommend purchasing a fabric table cover. (Available on Amazon for less than $20

  • Have dimension/levels too your table, its more attracting to customers

    • Customers are more inclined to stop at tables that​ setup this way.

    • Yes, invest in your vendor setup supplies (It is your storefront for the day)!

  • Presentation is everything

  • Have your rates displayed

  • Network, network, network

  • Draw people into your table (Last event I went to as a customer I ended up purchasing a jar of Sun dried Tomato Pesto lol. She came up to me and pretty much sold me. I have never purchased pesto in my life lol)

  • Promote the event as well!

    • When you do share add a caption, entice people to come​

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