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Grief Massage for Mothers Coping with Infant and Pregnancy Loss

This service is for anyone experiencing grief, depression, anxiety and trauma caused by pregnancy & infant loss.

This is also a personal journey for me as I navigate and cope with my own loss. Helping other mommies during this journey also helps me. I know how this journey can feel lonely at times, like no one understands but I do and me being a vessel to help others navigate through this process with my gift lets me know my loss was not in vain. 

From personal experience oftentimes we are not allowed to honor our feelings and emotions when that grief hits out of no where because we may be around our kids, we may be at work or don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable so oftentimes we hold it in and in return that manifests in our bodies and that mental and emotional pain becomes physical pain or even sickness. Massage therapy is a great tool to help with the trauma and tension stored in our bodies from grief and also a great vessel for emotional releases. Emotional releases during a massage are not uncommon and in fact it is very healthy to have.

     Working with clients I always keep and maintain professional boundaries, I don’t step outside of my scope of practice but what I do do is hold space at my office for every client and if you are not sure what holding space means… it's simply providing a safe space for someone to JUST BE. BE in the moment, BE in their feelings (whatever that feeling is), BE not judged… BE vulnerable, BE quiet, BE seen, BE heard… Cry… Laugh...JUST BE and here at Massage is Life we encourage you to honor whatever emotional state you are in. 

My goal is to be an added resource during the healing journey for mommies in need. 

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