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In Safe Hands Therapeutic Massage for Domestic Violence Survivors

Unfortunately for domestic violence survivors human touch can be very scary, even when it’s with good intent.


My goal is to help survivors of domestic violence at their own pace get reintroduced back to healthy human touch through massage therapy.

Massage therapy has many benefits to help with the physical and emotional traumas that DV survivors have unfortunately endured.

Trauma is stored in the body and massage therapy is a great tool to help relieve stored trauma, tensions and emotions throughout the body.

So how did this service come about?...

A few months ago a private group of women referred to me by a current client reached out to me regarding my services. I typically don’t go into private homes but after chatting with the group I complied. This group of women have created a bond together as domestic violence survivors. The experience working with these women really did something for me. While I was there I was able to engage in conversation with the group after our 1-on-1 30 min sessions and we really learned a lot from each other. After a few days the group reached back out to me asking if I could provide sessions at my office specifically for domestic violence survivors. What they didn’t know was that my wheels were already turning after doing research and learning there are really no massage therapists within this area that work specifically with this population of men and women and it was a void that needed to be filled.  


Implementing this into my practice is something I am honored to do. I do have training in Trauma Informed Care. I have a professional and personal understanding of emotional releases during massages and how beneficial they can be as we store trauma, tension and emotions in our bodies and I have an understanding that human touch can be a scary thing for domestic violence survivors and being reintroduced to healthy human touch needs to be self paced. I understand that dealing with this population of people that certain hand placements and techniques can remind them of traumatic experiences and being mindful of this throughout their sessions. I am not a therapist and can only work within my scope of practice of Massage Therapy. 


My goal is to give domestic violence survivors a safe space and use massage therapy as a tool to reintroduce healthy touch, to help alleviate pain, and relieve traumas, tensions and emotions stored in the body and an added resource to the community. 


I have been doing sessions for the last couple of months with the group at my office before introducing the service to the public. With input from the ladies (what better training and education than from actual survivors) and my professional background Massage is Life introduces In Safe Hands Therapeutic Massage Service for Domestic Violence Survivors.

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