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At Home Services for People with Limited Mobility

This service caters to individuals with limited mobility due to either a long-term intense recovery or a lifetime disability.

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Before becoming a massage therapist, I spent nearly a decade working in the human services field, providing care and support to individuals with physical and mental disabilities. After launching my business, I extended my services to include mobile massages for children with Autism.


Although I had taken a break from providing these mobile services, a Facebook post from an individual I had worked with previously, who uses a wheelchair, seeking a massage therapist, reignited my passion to offer mobile services to those with mobility challenges.


I believe that everyone deserves access to the healing power of massage therapy, regardless of their physical abilities. It brings me great joy to see the positive effects that massage can have on individuals with disabilities. I have seen firsthand how it can improve their physical comfort, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, improve circulation and so much more.


Working in the human service field I have learned how important it is to create a safe and calm environment for them, and to be patient and attentive to their unique needs.


Overall, my experience in the human services field has greatly informed and influenced my work as a massage therapist. It has taught me the value of empathy, compassion, and inclusivity, and I strive to incorporate these qualities into all aspects of my business.

At-home massage therapy services are available for individuals who face mobility challenges, such as those who rely on wheelchairs for daily living or have cerebral palsy or other comparable mobility impairments.


These services provide a means for these individuals to receive the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy in the comfort and convenience of their own homes/facilities. Massage is Life will provide all necessary equipment, including a massage table (having your own preferred), and can work with the client to find the best position for them to receive the massage even if it’s in their wheelchair. Benefits include improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, overall relaxation and more. 

This can include adjusting the height of the table or using special pillows or cushions (Provided by client) to support the client's body. In addition to the physical benefits of massage therapy, at-home services can also provide emotional and mental benefits.

Many individuals with mobility challenges may feel isolated or have difficulty accessing traditional massage therapy services. By bringing the therapy to their homes, they can feel more connected to their community and receive the care they need in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Important Considerations for a Successful Massage Session:

  • A caretaker or staff member must be present to assist the client to and on the table, as Massage is Life does not provide transfers or repositioning.

  • Please make sure that any/all pets are safely secured.

  • If the client has their own table, please have it set up before my arrival.

  • Massage is Life requires a minimum space of 10 x 8 to deliver my service and set up the table.

    • If client is receiving services while in wheelchair, bed, chair (Ie. recliner) please insure there is enough space to work comfortably around them. (Please ensure the area is clean)​

    • Please note if receiving services in wheelchair, bed, chair only accessible areas that can be safely treated with proper body mechanics will be treated. IE. Arms, legs, feet, shoulders.

  • The client must be clean and free of any open wounds.

  • Prior approval from PMD is necessary to receive massage therapy services.

  • Ensure that the entrance to the home is clear and free of obstacles, such as snow and ice.

Please note Massage is Life does not bill insurance or agencies. 

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Please note the following:

  • Massage is Life does not bill insurance or agencies

  • Late cancel/No-Show differs from in-office policy

    • In-Home Service Late Cancel Policy is any cancellation within 4 hours of appointment time will result in loss of prepaid service. (Please call/text 716-218-0676 and leave a detailed message including name/ appointment time, etc)​

    • In-Home No-Show policy is if I show up to client's appointment and they are not available but have not contacted me. Will result in loss of prepaid service. (May result in no longer being able to book services)

    • Services can be booked for residential or Facility (no hotels/motels)

  • Services are currently available every other Wednesday (other days may be available based on in-office bookings). 

Please ensure you book under the persons name and info of person receiving services if you are a caretaker/family member/staff booking on behalf of someone else. 

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