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Jordyn's Light Inc. Info

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Greetings, I have devoted considerable time to developing my vision for my nonprofit organization, a process that has been a personal journey shared solely between myself and God. Over the past couple of years, I have felt a calling to create something meaningful not only in memory of my cherished Jordyn but also to extend support to other families navigating through challenging times. The passage of time has underscored the profound impact of loss, a realization that unfolds gradually. My primary aim is to ensure that our beloved children are commemorated, revered, and that we receive the essential support on our path to healing. My aspiration is to establish a nurturing environment where we can gather, share our emotions, find solace, and access the necessary tools for coping.

Through this journey, I have come to understand that assisting others is a significant part of my healing process amidst grief. Over a year ago, I began offering grief massage tailored for mothers navigating the challenges of pregnancy and infant loss. It has been my aspiration for the past couple of years to create this space and also tie in massage therapy into the resources available through the nonprofit.

Tragically, instances of pregnancy and infant loss will occur, and families enduring such grief require empathetic support from those who comprehend their journey. This is the core mission of Jordyn's Light: to offer solace and understanding to families experiencing this profound loss. 

At the core, we are a collective seeking a secure environment to commemorate and honor our little ones alongside individuals who understand the profound significance of such moments.

Navigating the challenging path of grief frequently brings forth feelings of isolation, emphasizing the importance of a supportive community or resources. It's worth noting that there are other exceptional organizations and support groups in Western New York that can assist you on your journey toward healing as well.

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The Launch of Jordyn's Light with feature The Jordyn's Light Shop featuring a full candle line and merch!

As Jordyn's Light is not yet an officially recognized nonprofit organization, The paperwork was submitted on May 3rd, and I am currently awaiting confirmation for official recognition as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, which may take about a month or so.

Thank you to all that donated or booked during the Kickstarter campaign. Your invaluable support is instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

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Allow yourself a moment of indulgence while making a meaningful contribution to an exceptional cause. Your support holds a significance that surpasses mere words.

All proceeds and gratuities given will be allocated directly to Jordyn's Light Inc.


The 12-day campaign is scheduled for specific Sundays, Thursdays, and Fridays. This initiative is designed to run on days when my business is usually closed, allowing me to meet my financial commitments for both business and home with standard business hour bookings. The campaign offers a choice between a 20-minute "I've Got Your Back" session or a Scalp, Neck & Shoulders session. $30

The campaign is scheduled to run on the following 12 dates from 10:00 a.m. to 5:40 p.m.:

Friday, May 24  
Sunday, June 2  
Thursday, June 6  
Friday, June 7  
Thursday, June 13  
Friday, June 21  
Friday, June 28  
Sunday, June 30  
Sunday, July 7  
Thursday, July 11  
Sunday, July 14  
Thursday, July 18  
The Book-a-Thon event lasts until May 12, 2024 at 11:59 pm (meaning no bookings will be accepted after this date). Spots operate on a first-come, first-served basis, requiring prepayment.

You will have the option to be listed on the Jordyn's Light website as a Book-a-Thon participant when the website launches.

Kindly be advised that gift certificates and account credits are not applicable for use. However, payments can be made using Credit/Debit cards, HSA, FSA (if massage eligible), as well as Independent Health Extras.

To make a reservation, kindly click on the booking link here. Within the booking software, locate the 12-Day Fundraising Campaign category, choose your desired service, and proceed with the booking process. Upon selecting the service, kindly review all details attentively, as cancellation policies differ from the standard standard cancellation policy.

While Massage is Life, LLC and Jordyn’s Light Inc are separate entities under my management, my main focus will always be to assist Jordyn’s Light Inc through Massage is Life, LLC. This assistance will involve activities such as the Book-a-thon or special promotions where all proceeds will directly benefit Jordyn’s Light Inc. This cause is deeply meaningful to me and the individuals it serves, and I am committed to dedicating effort to provide support and resources for the families it helps. I am grateful for Massage is Life as a platform to contribute to this cause.

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