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Offering a School Tour Wellness Event featuring 5-minute chair or table massages for your staff, which will be conducted entirely clothed. This service is capable of accommodating six massages per hour, serving 24 staff members each day. The event is scheduled for a four-hour day (typically 10am-2:30 pm), including a 30-minute break, with a five-minute interval between each slot for a thorough wipe-down. A personalized sign-up link will be provided a week before the event, and prepayment is required to secure a spot. The school tour discount rate is $400 per day per location, and multiple consecutive days may be booked at the same rate per location, enabling more staff to participate. The event can be rescheduled once, with a minimum of three days' notice, and a private space near a bathroom is recommended, with an area of at least 12x12. A W-9 form will be provided. In case of extreme weather conditions, dates will be rescheduled for safety purposes. Refunds are not available. Gratuity is optional. If interested, please submit an inquiry below.

Invoices are sent with payment options of credit/debit or ACH Bank Transfer ONLY 

School Tour Dates 12/1/23-6/28/24

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