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It is crucial to thoroughly review the information available in the book now link before proceeding with the booking process. This practice not only facilitates accurate bookings but also saves considerable time otherwise spent rectifying erroneous bookings.

To access and manage your upcoming appointments, please log in to your Noterro account by clicking book now below. For quicker access, we recommend installing the Massage is Life app on your phone.​

Important Notice: After installing the app, kindly visit our website to purchase gift certificates and other relevant information that is not accessible on the booking app.

Kindly note that to book a session, it's necessary to have a credit card on file. It's imperative to note that the credit card will not be charged unless otherwise stated as prepayment is required.

For existing clients, please create an account and schedule an appointment in our new system. Rest assured, I will transfer any account credits or packages you currently have in the Massagebook system. Kindly note that to proceed, a credit card must be on file for all accounts, although it won't be charged. This approach will save me time, as I won't have to create accounts individually on my end.

Please establish your account using your legal name, as it is essential for compliance with the record-keeping standards mandated by the state of New York.

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iOS Instructions

  1. Open the portal in Safari. (Click Book Now Button)

  2. Tap the Share icon. (Blue square with an up arrow)

  3. Select Add to Home Screen, then click Add.

Installing on Android

  1. Open the portal in Chrome. (Click Book Now Button)

  2. Tap the Download button.

  3. Tap Install App, then Install.

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