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Q: Do you take No-Fault clients?

A: No-Fault Clients are not accepted.

Q: Do I Tip, If so how much?

A: Tips are optional and no set amount.

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: Sorry, insurance is not accepted.

Q: Do you do couples massages?

A: No, this service is not offered. 

Q: Do you provide mobile massage services?

A: No, mobile massage or spa party services are not offered. (Check out Yamastay Mobile Massage)

Q: May I book an appointment for today?

A:Same day appointments or walk-ins are not accepted.

Q: Do you provide Pregnancy Massage?

A: Yes! (Prenatal massage on service menu) Pregnancy table with stomach cutout is available.

Q: Do you you provide Post-Op Massage?

A: This service is not available.

Q: Can I send someone else in my place if I cannot make it:

A: No changes to an appointment can be made within 24 hours of appointment time. This includes person, duration or time. This information is provided on the annual intake form that must be acknowledged. 

Q: Do you provide services for children?

A: Yes, for children 10 and up (Pediatric Massage on service menu)

Q: Do you take Independent Health Extras debit card?

A: Yes!

Q: Am I able to bring someone with me?

A:  Massage is Life, LLC has a strict policy on no additional guest.

Q: Do you take workers' Comp?

A: No, workers' comp is not accepted

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