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Grief Massage for Mothers Coping with Pregnancy and Infant Loss

This service is for anyone experiencing grief, depression, anxiety and trauma caused by pregnancy & infant loss.

This is also a personal journey for me as I navigate and cope with my own loss. Helping other mommies during this journey also helps me. I know how this journey can feel lonely at times, like no one understands but I do and me being a vessel to help others navigate through this process with my gift lets me know my loss was not in vain. 

Grief massage for moms coping with pregnancy and infant loss is a compassionate and supportive massage therapy service aimed at providing solace and healing during an incredibly challenging time. This specialized massage is tailored to the emotional and physical needs of mothers who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss. I create a safe and empathetic environment, focusing on gentle, nurturing touch to offer comfort and relaxation. 

The session is structured to provide emotional support and may incorporate elements such as aromatherapy, soothing music, and a calming ambience to facilitate the healing process. This massage seeks to address the physical and emotional toll of grief, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. It is a gentle way to offer mothers a space to grieve, find comfort, and honor their emotional journey.

Based on my personal experience, we are often unable to express our emotions and feelings when experiencing sudden grief, as it may not be appropriate around children or in the workplace or may make others uncomfortable. Consequently, we tend to internalize these emotions, leading to physical pain or even illness. Massage therapy is an excellent tool for releasing the tension and trauma stored in our bodies due to grief and can facilitate emotional releases, which is natural and incredibly healthy.

As a professional massage therapist, I maintain proper boundaries with clients and don't exceed my scope of practice. However, I aim to create a safe space for every client at my office. I hold space, which means providing a non-judgmental atmosphere for individuals to be themselves, express their feelings, and be vulnerable without fear of criticism. I encourage my clients to honor their emotional state, whether that be in laughter, tears, or simply being quiet. My goal is to offer an additional resource on the healing journey for mothers who require support.

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