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In Safe Hands Therapeutic Massage for Domestic Violence Survivors

Unfortunately for domestic violence survivors human touch can be very scary, even when it’s with good intent.

Massage therapy for victims of domestic violence is a sensitive and compassionate service designed to support individuals who have experienced trauma and abuse. This massage therapy is focused on providing a safe and nurturing environment where survivors can begin their healing journey.

I am trained to be highly attuned to the needs and boundaries of clients who may have experienced domestic violence. The session is conducted with the utmost care, ensuring the survivor's comfort and consent at all times. The massage may incorporate techniques to alleviate tension and stress, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Please note that this type of massage therapy should always be offered in conjunction with, or as a complement to, mental health and counseling services. Survivors of domestic violence require comprehensive support, and massage therapy can be a valuable component of their healing process when provided with sensitivity and respect.

My goal is to help survivors of domestic violence at their own pace get reintroduced back to healthy human touch through massage therapy.

Massage therapy has many benefits to help with the physical and emotional traumas that DV survivors have unfortunately endured.

Trauma is stored in the body and massage therapy is a great tool to help relieve stored trauma, tensions and emotions throughout the body.

A few months ago (April 2023), a group of women, who were referred to me by a current client, reached out to me for my services. While I typically don't offer in-home massages, I was compelled to comply after speaking with them. This group comprised domestic violence survivors who had developed a strong bond. The experience of working with these women was transformative for me. During our 1-on-1 30-minute sessions, we engaged in meaningful conversations and learned a great deal from each other. After a few days, the group asked if I could provide sessions at my office specifically for domestic violence survivors. Coincidentally, I had already been researching and discovered that there were no massage therapists in the area who worked specifically with this population of men and women. Thus, I perceived an opportunity to fill a significant void in the industry.


I feel honored to incorporate this service into my practice. I am trained in Trauma-Informed Care and understand the psychological and emotional implications of touch, particularly for domestic violence survivors. I recognize that human touch can be a sensitive and intimidating subject for them. As a result, I work at their pace to reintroduce healthy touch and am mindful of certain hand placements and techniques that could trigger traumatic memories.


While I am not a therapist, I am committed to providing a safe space for domestic violence survivors and using massage therapy as a tool to alleviate pain, relieve stored traumas, tensions, and emotions in the body. Ultimately, my goal is to serve as an added resource to the community.


Over the last few months, I've conducted several sessions with the group at my office to prepare for the launch of our service to the public. We've received valuable input from the survivors themselves, and have combined their experiences with my professional background to create In Safe Hands Therapeutic Massage Service for Domestic Violence Survivors, now offered by Massage is Life.

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